Today, I found a dead black crow in my backyard. I recalled reading somewhere that this is a bad omen. A sign of death or something to that effect. I decided to google “Dead Black Crow Meaning” and found out amongst superstitions, seeing a lurking  Black Crow is considered by some a sign of evil and bad things to come, BUT, finding it dead is good. Meaning your guardian angel or protector saved you. Another site suggested finding a dead crow represents an old witch doctor searching for souls while another website dedicated to the Wiccan Religion suggested a dead crow means a curse has been put on your family.
Fortunately for me, I’m a realist and look for more scientific reasons a big black bird decided to take a permanent dirt nap in my backyard. As an accredited Asbestos Abatement Contractor, I receive email bulletins from the North Carolina Health Hazard Control Unit in Raleigh. Additionally as a member of the National Pest Management Association I’ve obtained many of my continuing education units from mosquito certifications. Therefore I am very aware that West Nile Virus is epidemic here in North Carolina with two deaths occurring earlier this summer in Cabarrus County and a confirmed case on a little girl here in Gaston County as recently as September 8, 2012. See Story at the link below..<br><br>
Now, we as humans are dead end hosts meaning that the West Nile Virus is not known to be transmitted by mosquito to other humans or animals from mosquitoes biting us. However, birds, especially Crows and Jays are a primary path of transmission of these diseases from bird to human by means of mosquito vectors. (Source Truman’s Scientific Guide to Pest Operations, page 355). Additionally, Truman’s Scientific Guide to Pest Operations goes on to state, “Mortality in Crows and Jays serve as a warning that the virus (West Nile) may be active in an area. This may serve as a practical scientific answer to the reason this black crow was found belly up in my backyard and indeed a danger sign of possibly things bad to come and way worse than anything a witch doctor could curse me with.
With danger lurking, I’m taking a proactive approach. Firstly I’m eliminating all breeding sites of mosquitoes from my property especially the rain barrels, numerous flower pots, standing water in the bottom of my hot tub, etc. Additionally, I’m going to treat all the vegetation around our pool. My backyard is like a tropical oasis and the favorite resting spots of adult mosquitoes is vegitation. Notice in the picture below the dense tropical vegetation in the pool area of our back yard. (Bailey Allman smiling)  Coupled with our irrigation system, this creates a conducive breeding ground for mosquitoes.
Likewise the first line of treatment after larvaciding in mosquito control is to treat the vegitation which is a breeding oasis for them. I’m also sending this Dead Crow off to the North Carolina Health Hazard Control Epidemiology Lab for testing to find out if indeed this Crow is infected.

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