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Amid a worldwide frenzy preparing for a Maya apocalypse, me and my family took the second week of December to vacation down in the Caribbean, visiting Costa Maya Mexico, Cozumel Mexico and Grand Cayman.  Along the way we thought an excursion to the Mayan Ruin site smack dab in the middle of mosquito infested Cozumel would be awesome. After all, the apocalypse was only a few days away and the world would be ending according to the Mayan Calendar. But not so fast, I grabbed some highly prohibited video at the Mayan site and Pedro our guide, who claims to be of Mayan decent, declares all is well and we shall see our way out of 2012 unscathed. WHEW!!!!!. See the video here and check out the huge lizards (Iguanas) too.

As a Pest Control Operator, and owner of Envirosafe, with offices in Belmont, Charlotte, Rock Hill, Lake Wylie, and Gastonia, I found something even more interesting at the Mayan site than the ruins and the armada of armegeddon tourist; a Caribbean species of aerial Termite called  The Nasutitermes corniger termite, which lives above ground, builds brown tubes up the outside walls of houses and trees and builds an aerial nest that looks similar to a large hornets next covered in brown dirt. As I looked to the top of the palapa (large Tiki Hut like structure common in Mexico) that tents one of the ruin sites we visited, I saw a huge aerial termite nest at the top of the palapa. Slowing destroying a structure covering an archeological site. Amazing!!!! I instinctively  look for termite evidence most any time I view a wooden structure, but  have never actually seen a nest since the subterranean terrors in out part of the world have under ground nests, thus the name Subterranean Termites. Check out the pictures and videos of the Tree Toppling Termites below…

Aerial Termite nest in the Caribbean

Aerial Termite nest in the Caribbean

Caribbean Termite aerial nest in top of a palapa structure covering a Mayan Ruin tomb

Caribbean Termite aerial nest in top of a palapa structure covering a Mayan Ruin tomb

Termites are often called the “silent destroyer” because they may be secretly hiding and thriving in your home without any immediate signs of damage. Unfortunately, all homes, regardless of their construction type, are susceptible to termite infestation. I’ve posted a picture and a video below of an actual infestation near Charlotte North Carolina in which termites ravaged a structure and destroyed it beyond repair. Compare the real photos to the humorous Terminix photo at the bottom of the page and you will see there isn’t much difference. For more information on termites and our control programs, please visit our websites at,,,, or

Storm Davis reveals what’s left of a Termite Ravaged Structure


Should have called Envirosafe Termite & Pest

Envirosafe is much more than an environmental pest control firm. We protect home, health, and the Environment with services including radon mitigation, asbestos abatement, lead paint abatement, toxic mold remediation and even demo and underground storage tank removal. Our website for Environmental Services other that pest contol is  otherwise our general website for pest control is or

Very often our services will overlap. Case in point this project in Locust, North Carolina where, as you guys can see in the video, Jarrod Goforth of Home Spectors demonstrates significant termite damage to a structure. This damage was revealed after our firm removed all the asbestos siding. Mold, Carpenter ants and oddly enough, an infestation of fleas from vermin entering the crawl space. The fleas were so bad, they were getting underneath our tyvek suits and making meals out of our environmental workers. Below is the video we made at the project to demonstrate just how badly termites can damage a structure. For more information on Termites and our control plans, please visit us online at or

Incredibly, just five years ago, calls into our office about Bed Bugs, Kudzu Bugs, Asian Needle Ants and Marmorated Stink Bugs were nonexistent. Fast forward to 2012. The year of the Bug in Belmont, North Carolina. Our Catawba Street office has seen Marmorated Stink Bugs fly inside on sunny days as have we seen the Kudzu Bugs. Asian Needle Ants, which are described by many entomologist as Fire Ants on Steroids have made nests under the pavement on the south side of our office and while we haven’t yet been invaded by Bed Bugs in the office, they are epidemic now and we’ve treated countless numbers of homes in Belmont and Gaston County and treat several houses a week in Charlotte from the hundreds of customers who find us online at or   or

Below, I posted a picture of the Marmorated Stink Bug that flew in our office and also a video of a kudzu bug which likewise ventured into our Catawba Street office. We have treated several homes for both of these pests and get calls often from panicked homeowners. Both are major agricultural pests but are only an annoying occasional invader in our homes. Neither bite, but I suppose the goats The City of Belmont hired to destroy the Kudzu patch nearby to our office did not get the job done. What will be the next invasive species of pests to invade Belmont North Carolina? We will be ready, providing the safest, most environmentally friendly solutions that are safe for your family, your home, and your pets.

The Marmorated Stink Bug

It’s been years since any significant portion of our business has been Termite Pre-Treatments on new construction. Since the housing market nose dived several years ago, the business we get from Pre-Treatments has been few and far between. For example, in 1999, Envirosafe performed over $60,000 in Soil Pre-Treatments for builders. Compared to a dismal $9,000 in 2010. Additionally at one time, we performed all the treatments for modular home row on Hwy 21 in Rock Hill. These businesses were Oakwood Homes, Luv Homes, and several others. All have since went belly up vacant lots stand where these businesses once stood. Thankfully today the Environmental Business we do including asbestos, radon, lead paint, mold, underground storage tanks etc, more more than makes up for the business we lost when the housing market crashed. Residential and commercial pest control accounts continue to thrive for us, but we have not recovered in the area of soil pre-treatments for termites. However, reports from the National Pest Management Association look promising and today we did a 12,000 square foot building in Lancaster South Carolina. Pre-treatments are easy money and good repeat business. It felt good getting back to what got us on the map in the first place. I left out at 6:30 this morning because the builder needed us there early. Nice fall morning doing work we haven’t seen much of over the past couple years. Hopefully this portion of our business will come back like it was in our glory days of doing several pre-treatments a week.

For more information about our services, check out our seven websites listed below this picture. 


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Sadly, this funny video of a termite letter being forged has happened to us when a Charlotte Real Estate Agent forged one of our (WDIR) Wood Destroying Insect Reports in an attempt to update a six month old report. We thought this video to be hilarious and thought we would share it with the pest control industry and followers of our blog.

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